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Dirt Devil Upright Pet Vacuum UD70095

Dirt Devil Upright Pet Vacuum UD70095

The Dirt Devil Upright Pet Vacuum UD70095 is a surprisingly well-rated and very affordable pet hair vacuum option for pet owners that are ready to take back control the cleanliness of their house again – but don’t want to break the bank in the process.

It features cyclonic action to keep the filter from getting clogged, and it works well cleaning-up pet hair from multiple surfaces, including: thick carpet, bare floors, and upholstery.

Features of This Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Pet hair

One of the main features of this Dirt Devil Vac is its multi-cyclonic action, which keeps the filter from getting clogged and keeps the suction high. It features a washable HEPA filter, an eight-foot stretch hose, and a pet kit, which includes a carbon filter for odor reduction, an electrostatic dusting brush, and a turbo tool. The vacuum can also move to five height adjustments so it can be safely used on multiple surfaces.

Features Include:

  • Multi-cyclonic action keeps filter clear
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Eight foot stretch hose
  • Pet kit with carbon filter, electrostatic dusting brush, and turbo tool
  • 5 height options for multiple surfaces

Dirt Devil UD70095 Rating

Pros and Cons of the Dirt Devil Upright Pet Vacuum UD70095

The Dirt Devil Upright Pet Vacuum UD70095 is a great option if you’ve got pets, and it works very well. Reviewers love that it comes with all the necessary attachments, and that it really works well on carpets. Besides this, the added attachments that come with this Dirt Devil make it easy to reach any random area in your home that needs cleaned.


  • Works great for pet hair
  • Works very well on carpets
  • Added attachments make it easy to reach hard-to-reach places
  • Extra long hose
  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Raving customer reviews from pet owners

Dirt Devil Upright Pet Vacuum UD70095 Review


According to some reviewers, it can be difficult to empty this canister without making a mess. This is a common problem with canister vacuums, so you can try emptying the canister over a toilet or outside to minimize the mess.

Is this the Best Pet Vacuum Cleaner for Your Needs?

This Dirt Devil is a great option if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a pet hair vacuum but still want a powerful model. It may not last as long as a famed Dyson, but it will certainly last for a while and will give you great performance while it does last.

Best Price and Availability

You can look around town for this Dirt Devil pet vac, but it will be easier to find online. Plus, you’re obviously going to get the best price when you purchase online. Just click here and get today’s best price on the Dirt Devil Upright Pet Vacuum UD70095 and save right now!

Dirt Devil Upright Pet Vacuum UD70095 Sale

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