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Miele Callisto S5281 Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair

Miele Callisto S5281 Canister Vacuum For Pet Hair

The Miele Callisto S5281 Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair is an excellent option if you want a very high-quality vacuum cleaner and don’t mind paying for it. This vacuum cleaner features German engineering and a long-lasting design, and it’s particularly great for those who need to pick up stubborn pet hair.

Features of the Miele Callisto S5281 Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair

This canister pet vacuum comes with the Miele SEB 228 Heavy-Duty PowerHead, which is great for plush carpets and for pet hair on multiple surfaces. It also comes with the SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Brush, which gets close to base boards and has a 90 degree twisting radius. Besides this, it features sealed construction, which is nice for allergy and asthma sufferers, and it is lightweight and particularly easy to use due to the canister design.

Features Include:

  • Comes with Miele SEB 228 Heavy-Duty PowerHead and SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Brush
  • Easy to use design and lightweight head
  • Sealed construction to keep air clean

Miele Callisto S5281 Canister Vacuum For Pet Hair Review

Pros and Cons of This Canister Pet Vacuum

One thing that reviewers like about the Miele Callisto is that it’s one of the more affordable Miele options that still features an electric powered brush, which makes it good for pet hair. It also has a slimmer head, which makes it easy to vacuum in small spaces and around furniture. This vacuum cleaner has powerful suction, and it will definitely do the job. It’s also very quiet, and the attachments work just like they should.


  • Affordable Miele option that still has electric powered brush
  • Slimmer head makes it easier to vacuum around furniture
  • Powerful suction
  • Very quiet
  • Excellent attachments


  • This vacuum cleaner doesn’t come with a way to attach the attachments to the main vacuum cleaner, so you do have to keep track of them. However, this lack means that the overall design of the vacuum cleaner is slimmer, which may be better for some users.
  • It’s kind of difficult to read the “bag full” indicator, since it actually indicates the amount of suction you have from the head. Read the manual to understand how this indicator works and how you need to change the levels for different types of flooring to get the most out of the vacuum cleaner.

Is The Callisto the Pet Hair Vacuum for You?

If you want to try one of the highest-rated vacuum cleaner brands, the Miele Callisto S5281 Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair may be a good starting point for you. It’s not as expensive as other models from Miele, as it has fewer features, but it will certainly do the job. It’s definitely a big investment to make, but Miele vacuums are known for lasting quite a while and definitely for getting the job done.

Best Availability and Price

Miele vacuum cleaners are usually only available from vacuum specialty stores, but you can also find them online. Plus, you can get a better price online. Click here to find today’s lowest price for the Miele Callisto S5281 Canister Vacuum for pet hair.

Miele Callisto S5281 Canister Vacuum Sale

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