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Hoover S3670 Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair

Hoover S3670 Canister Vacuum For Pet Hair

The Hoover S3670 is a bagged canister vacuum with several features that make it great for cleaning up pet hair. It works well on all surfaces, including carpet, furniture, and hardwood, and it’s easy to use. Here’s what else you need to know about this canister pet vacuum.

Features of the Hoover S3670 Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair

This bagged canister vacuum features a WindTunnel power nozzle for superior pickup. You can turn the brush roll off and on at your fingertips, and it also has variable speed control. The HEPA filter bag keeps most dust and allergens out of your hair, and the vacuum also features an ergonomic handle and a telescopic wand.

Features Include:

  • WindTunnel power nozzle
  • On/off brush roll
  • Variable speed control
  • HEPA filter bag
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Telescopic wand

Hoover S3670 Canister Vacuum For Pet Hair Review

Pros and Cons of this Canister Pet Vacuum

One thing users like about the Hoover S3670 is that it is easy to change the attachments, which isn’t always the case with canister vacuums. The quick release feature on the telescopic wand makes it easier to use, and it’s generally considered to be a quiet vacuum cleaner. Besides this, it does get the job done by picking up lots of dirt and pet hair.


  • Easy to change attachments
  • Quick release on telescopic wand
  • Quick release cord wrap
  • Quiet vacuum cleaner
  • Long power cord
  • Large suction path
  • Effective


  • One issue reviewers noted about this Hoover canister vacuum is that the handle has a tendency to fall over if you aren’t careful, so be sure to set it up against a wall or keep a hand on it when you’re bending over to pick something up.
  • Another issue reviewers mentioned is that on bare floors, this vacuum can push larger pieces of dirt in front of it rather than picking them up due to the brush design. Obviously, picking up the head and placing it over these pieces takes care of the problem, but this is an issue to be aware of.

Is This the Right Canister Vacuum for Your Needs?

The Hoover S3670 Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair is great for pet hair because of the motorized brush roll. It is affordable compared with high-end canister vacuums like those from Miele. However, it does the job and is easy to use. If you want to save even more money, a Dirt Devil canister might be a good option, but if you want a vacuum that will last for decades, you may do well to invest in a Miele.

Get the Best Availability and Price

You may be able to get this popular brand of vacuum cleaner in a store near you, but it will be easier to find online. Plus, nine times out of ten, you’ll get a better deal online, too. Save today with the current best price for the Hoover S3670 here.

Hoover S3670 Best Price

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