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Dyson DC23 Animal Canister Vacuum

Dyson Dc23 Animal Canister Vacuum

The Dyson DC23 Animal Canister Vacuum is an easy-to-maneuver canister style vacuum cleaner that has been created especially with pet owners in mind. This sleek-looking model has much to offer, including Root Cyclone technology, which keeps it from getting clogged so that it will continue to have high suction throughout using it. Here’s what else you need to know about this vacuum cleaner.

Features of the Dyson DC23 Animal Canister Vacuum

One of the main features of the Dyson DC23 Animal Canister Vacuum is the Level 3 Root Cyclone Technology, which keeps the vacuum from getting clogged, even if you’re vacuuming up tons of long pet hair. This vacuum also comes with a turbine head, which is particularly helpful for getting up stubborn pet hair. The bin is easy to empty, as well, so you aren’t stuck buying tons of vacuum cleaner bags, even if you vacuum practically every day.

Features Include:

  • Root Cyclone Technology keeps vacuum from getting clogged
  • Turbine head picks up stubborn pet hair
  • Easy to empty bin

Dyson Dc23 Animal Canister Vacuum Review

What Reviewers Have to Say

Th DC31 gets mostly positive reviews from people who have used it. One thing that reviewers particularly like is that it really does work well on pet hair and that it comes with useful tools that are well-designed for different purposes. The long power cord means you can vacuum more space without having to switch outlets, and the vacuum cleaner can easily be cleaned.


  • Works very well on pet hair
  • Useful and well-designed additional tools
  • Long power cord
  • Easy to clean


  • One thing that reviewers note is that this vacuum cleaner may need to be emptied several times if you’re cleaning a larger home or apartment, since the canister doesn’t hold a whole lot and the vacuum cleaner picks up so much dirt and pet hair from carpet and other flooring. If you’re in a larger home, you might consider a larger Dyson Animal model.
  • Reviewers also note that this vacuum cleaner can be difficult to store because of how it’s designed. If you’re in a smaller apartment, it may actually be easier to work with an upright Dyson Animal model that takes up less storage space.

Is The DC31 the Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner for You?

The Dyson DC23 Animal Canister Vacuum is a great all-around canister vacuum for pet hair, but it is a bit of a catch-22. The canister is a little small for people with large homes, but the vacuum is a little hefty to store in tiny homes or apartments. If you’re somewhere in between, this may be the perfect vacuum cleaner for you. Plus, you just can’t beat the performance, which makes it worth the price!

How to Get the Best Price & Availability

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Dyson Dc23 Animal Canister Vacuum Sale

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